7th Kup

Green stripe belt signifies the plants growth as Tae kwon-do skills begin to develop.

Do San
24 Movements
Do San is the pseudonym of the patriot Ahn Ch’ang Ho (1876-1938) who devoted his entire life to the furthering the education of Korea and its independent movement.

Walking Stance > Gunnun Sogi
‘L’ Stance > Niunja Sogi
Parallel Ready > Narani Junbi Sogi
Sitting Stance > Annun Sogi

High Outer Forearm Block > Nopunde Bakat Palmok Makgi
Knife Hand Guarding Block > Sonkal Daebi Makgi
Wedging Block > Hechyo Makgi
Knife Hand Block > Sonkal Makgi
Palm Pushing Block > Sonbadak Miro Makgi

Attacks (Hand)
Middle Reverse Punch > Kaunde Bandae Ap Joomuk Jirugi
Middle Straight Fingertip Thrust > Kaunde Sun Sonkut Tulgi
Middle Obverse Punch > Kaunde Baro Jirugi
High Back Fist Side Strike > Nopunde Dung Joomuk Yop Taerigi
Knife Hand Strike > Kaunde Sonkal Taerigi
Inward Knife Hand Strike > Anaero Sonkal Taerigi
Reverse Knife Hand Strike > Sonkal Dung Taerigi

Attacks (Leg)
Reverse Side Kick > Bandae Yop Chagi
Downward (axe) Kick > Naeryo Chagi
Middle Front Snap Kick > Kaunde Ap Cha Busigi

Parts Of Hand
Finger Tip > Sonkut
Back fist > Dung Joomuk

Parts Of The Foot
Heel > Dwit Chook

Other Theory
Three Step Sparring > Sambo Matsoki